Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer Stainless Steel SUPER Strong Magnetic Attachment LoudBuzzer Large LED Numbers Instant Memory Recall AutoShut Off | brownsugarnu
2018 MODELS Whether it be our 90 min. Silver, Lime, or Plum colored Timedshut off model,all count up or down.Ideal for kitchen, exam rooms, bbq barbecuing, games, school room, or hair color. A well liked Medical, Dental or Salon Timer. Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timers can be used with SUPER POWERFUL flush established magnet, flip out stand or hanging slot; Hold Min and Sec at same to clear numbersto 0000; Auto Memory keeps time preparing through Auto shutoff.STRONGEST timer magnet available anywhere; WONT pivot, wobble, pop off or glide down refrigerator as buttons are pushed like 99% of others; Large easy to see screen; easily seen from the other side of the room; Pleasant louder 75 to 80 decibel mellow 62 second beep can easily be heard in other rooms.


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