2018 MODELS Be it our 90 min. Silver, Lime, or Plum colored Timedshut off model,all count up or down.Ideal for kitchen, exam rooms, bbq barbecuing, games, class, or hair color. A well liked Medical, Dental or Salon Timer. Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timers can be used with SUPER POWERFUL flush arranged magnet, kick stand or hanging slot; Press Min and Sec at same to clear numbersto 0000; Auto Memory retains time preparing through Auto shutoff.STRONGEST timer magnet advertised anywhere; WONT pivot, wobble, pop off or glide down refrigerator as buttons are pressed like 99% of others; Large readable screen; easily seen from across the room; Pleasant louder 75 to 80 decibel mellow 62 second beep can easily be observed in other rooms.


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