The best age to give money to your child What do you think?Always question when it is the best age to give your child his first money allocation. This gives rise to multiple confrontations between the parents, who question whether or not to assign their children a fixed amount for their expenses. Questions about what age, how much should be given, how often; These are common questions among parents who consider how this can influence their learning, fostering the value of saving.Although it is not easy to answer all these questions since each family group is different; In this article we will find recommendations from experts who will provide us with a series of guidelines to decide and answer our questions as parents.The best age to give money to your child:It is a very personal decision but we believe that it is positive that a payment is granted to children from the age of eight; Ana Castillo tells us, responsible for the workshops «Save as a family» organized by the Barymont school. Usually at this age they already have contact with the coins; You already know something about addition and subtraction and many people even begin to try shopping for themselves in the


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